Esteem Wellness

Why go to Counseling?

It is not unusual to hear statements from first-time clients like these:

  • "Something is not right"
  • "I'm just not happy"
  • "I get upset over nothing these days"

In counseling, one of the first steps that must take place is to accurately identify the problem, to answer the question "What's wrong?".

Common types of problems are:

  • Addictions: Substance and sexual are the most prevalent. However, there is such a thing as relationship addiction. People can't let go of a failed relationship.
  • Transitions: We all go through tough things in life - marriage, a new baby, empty nest syndrome, menopause, etc. These transitions lead to 'losses'; loss of a job, a dream, health, or a significant person in our life. Grief is a big part of life and I feel we don't grieve our losses enough. Perhaps you don't know how to grieve or never have had a safe place to grieve. Grief is normal: it is not a sign of weakness, pretending you're OK isn't helpful.
  • Depression: Depression and anxiety are good friends.

Counseling helps you gain skills and coping tools to get through these life challenges. Sometimes it is nothing more than talking to someone, getting your fears and secrets out in the open. We work in total confidentiality and provide a 'safe haven' for you to face the problem.

The most fantastic quality of counseling is that you have an opportunity to break a bondage that may have been in place for generations - you can be the pioneer to step out and change generations to come.

It is a joy and honor to share the journey with you and to see the changes take place. Take the first step and let's talk!